thanks to our patented technology, we can achieve performances unmatched by any other shoe or insole.

There are no other breathable insoles on the market. Thus, to prove our superiority against normal insoles in every condition of use was a breeze. 
But to prove the value of our solution, we also compared our patented double (static and dynamic) mechanism of action against shoes that are claiming to be "breathable". 

The results? 

Unlike these "competitors" that have a low and constant moisture permeability, thanks to a semi-transpiring sole or upper,  our technology offers a much higher permeability  during standing or sitting (static use) and even higher when walking or running (dynamic use).

Performances if not walking or running (static conditions)

performance during walking 

(dynamic conditions)

Clarifications and disclaimers

The above graphs show in more detail the experimental results obtained with the current version of the ARIA footbed when used in non-breathable (static tests) and and breathable (dynamic tests), boot-like footwear of medium height (up to the ankle). However, it should be noted that the level of moisture and temperature reduction in other footwear is highly dependent on many parameters (e.g. the materials of the footwear, any breathable inserts incorporated into the sole or upper, the physical activity of the user and their degree of plantar perspiration, the temperature and humidity of the environment outside the shoe, etc.). Therefore, although we are certain of the benefit you will derive from the use of ARIA insoles, we cannot guarantee that the performance obtained under experimental conditions will be the same as that which you will obtain by using the ARIA insole in your shoe.